Looking for help?  This is a great place to be.  BluePrint-Q provides custom, detailed walkthroughs from setting up your first WordPress database to rearranging layouts.  Pull up a chair and start reading.  If you still have questions when done, you might want to look over the developer documentation or open a ticket.

  • Design your Website

    Be introduced to the next generation of web development. Gone are the days of writing HTML, uploading, and refreshing. With the smartest options around, designing your site is efficient and so much fun! This tutorial covers how to access the BluePrint-Q Customizer and provides a reference on every available option. read more
  • Creating menus

    Pinpoint your skills at creating WordPress menus with some wonderful options provided by BluePrint-Q and Bootstrap! read more
  • Writing your first post

    Getting antsy to write stuff? This is the ticket. Using BluePrint-Q and WordPress, you will be a wordsmith with this guide that explains the process. read more
  • Action and Filter Hooks

    Whether you are a seasoned programmer or a person who is somewhat familiar with editing your functions.php file, you want to take a look at this. Here we have a list of all newly-introduced action and filter hooks for your consideration. People who do not want to open a text editor need not apply. read more
  • Adding Benefits

    Sell your product or service even better with benefits. This tutorial covers how to create and display benefits with BluePrint-Q Premium. read more
  • Capturing Testimonials

    Give your product or service some credence with client testimonials. This tutorial covers how to create and display testimonials with BluePrint-Q Premium. read more
  • Change locations of header pieces

    In this lesson, you’ll learn how to rearrange components of the frame. This can apply to the header or footer – but will detail out the code additions necessary to move things around. read more
  • Setting up for the first time

    Follow along with BluePrint-Q as you prepare for your first website! This fully-comprehensive walkthrough covers everything from setting up a WordPress database to installing your first plugin. Screenshots help guide you through this (sometimes) painstaking process. Expect to spend approximately two hours for completion. read more
  • Customizing Tones

    To get the most out of this lesson, you must be comfortable with CSS and PHP. Why create my own? BluePrint-Q comes with some wonderful, pre-packaged Tones.  These Tones control shadow, color, spacing, font, etc.  Upon initial release, BluePrint-Q supported well over 5,000 different combinations - that number is significantly higher now. That said, you may read more